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医学英語論文の書き方マニュアル – 14:単語数の削減の仕方

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One Point English:論文で文字制限がある場合、表現で多少削減できます


take into consideration=consider
gave us information about= informed us about
make a decision=decide
make an agreement=agree

The oxidation of the iron was performed→The iron was oxidized.
We performed an analysis of the software.→We analyzed the software.
Our review of the results will begin tomorrow→We will review the results tomorrow.

It is …thatの構文を能動態にすると短くなります。

•”It is considered that …” →”We consider that …”
•”It was found that …” →”We found that…”
•”It is concluded that …” →”Thus we conclude that …”
•”It is inferred that …” →”Consequently, we infer that …”
•”It is evident that …” →”Evidently, …”
•”It is clear that …” →”Clearly, …”
•”It would appear that …” →”Apparently …”


because of the fact that → because
to a considerable extent → considerably
It should be borne in mind in this connection that →Needless to say ..
The equation can be applied to the device. →The equation is applicable to the device.

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